Hi, I'm Margie.

Photography has been a passion of mine for 20 years! I have always been fascinated with freezing time, looking at moments and grabbing them as fast as I can with my camera! I aim to capture real authentic photos, ones that make you feel like you are there. I don't think about what I want my photos to look like, I think of how I want them to feel. That's where you come in...all you have to do is be yourself. The rest will unfold naturally and your personality will shine through.

I believe that photos are heirlooms that we pass down to our children, family and friends. I have so many memories of my family looking through old photos, all kept in multiple boxes that have traveled with us across the world. These are some of our most valuable possessions. So, take more photos, be in the photo, print them and display them for your family! 

Contact me to book your next session. Let's create some amazing memories to keep :)